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F.A.Q. Video

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Who chooses the music?

Song is a very important element of the movie, it defines style and there are a lot of things that determine a good song for a wedding film. That is why we created a library of almost 50 songs with licenses to choose from. With different genres, moods, pace and more. If you don’t like our music selection, we can always edit to yours, but we can’t promise the same outcome.

Can I customize my film?

Customization is our signature. We developed a whole system to customize your wedding film. You will be guided Step by step, and will get to choose: music, narrative structure, usage of vows, and more. This makes it your movie, and not another wedding video.

What if I want to change something?

We allow up to two reedits..

How do I get my files and what is the turnaround time?

Films are delivered in 5-6 weeks. You will be getting it in your Online Gallery (if you have us do photography) or you would get a Vimeo link. In addition to that you will get a Dropbox link for back up..

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Working with people who appreciate art is our passion; we'd love to tell your wedding story.