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How to Organize Wedding Group Photos

“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”

John Lennon

One of the greatest parts of having a wedding is being surrounded by those you love and those that love you. Having such important people in your life there on your special day should definitely be captured. Your family, your friends, your community. It can be candid, it can be posed, it can be formal, it can be fun; here are just a few ways of going about it!


The wranglers job is to collect everyone who needs to be in a formal group photo. They need to catch Aunt Mimi or Cousin Jerome before they wander off to the bar or snack table. Your wrangler can be the maid of honor, best man, or family member. Even your actual wedding coordinator.


Just as titled – vanity fair style. This is all about levels and heights. A favorite for create types who want something cool, editorial and fashionable. Works best for bridal party group shots when there is enough space to work with and spread out.


Once you’ve decided on a wrangler or two (see above pro tip – ‘wrangler’), having a shot list of who will be in your group photos is extremely helpful. That way your wrangler can simply call out who’s up next and in what order. Go down the list of all the combinations, and voila – nailed it!


Pros: All guests have the chance to have photos with the bride and groom.

Con: Can eat into the time of bride and groom during the reception.

Pro tip

The Bride and groom go to every table and take photos with each table right before being served their meal or as meals are being served. Optionally, guests go to the sweethearts’ table by table number and take photos with the couple.


Pros: All guests will have the chance to have photos with the bride and groom.

Cons: Many people want their own photos and may do repeat group shots. This will definitely use up time of bride and groom during reception/ cocktail hour.

Pro tip

After the ceremony or during cocktail hour, the bride and groom stay by the ceremony area and have guests line up to take photos This only works if your timeline allows it. If you plan on taking sunset hour photos and videos with your wedding photography and videography team, doing group shots may mean you will not have enough time to enjoy cocktail hour.


Pros: No stress of group photos and you can fully enjoy the day.

Cons: Photographers may miss guests here and there.

Some brides don’t plan for group shots and would just like the day to be documented. This is a great way to get all sorts of candid shots. Although, by only approaching it by strictly documenting the day, you may not be capturing photos with all your guests.

Pro tip

No specific shots are guaranteed with this approach, but you will end up with some fun, creative and unique shots. If you want to make sure that footage is captured with every guest specifically, then having a formal shot list may help.


This is simply a bonus shot – usually when we have the largest group shot on your list. On the count of three everyone bust out the funniest pose you’ve got!

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