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Top 5 poses for brides | Photo & Video

It’s your wedding day and your creative team (wedding photographers and wedding videographers) has arrived and all of a sudden it feels like a massive music video production has walked into your hotel. To be prepared for this moment it’s helpful to have a little inspiration board of poses (on your phone, for example), that are rehearsed and ready to whip out at a moments notice. In this blog we will tell you 5 of the most natural and beautiful poses for a bride on her wedding day.

Bridal Pose 1 – Natural Beauty

In this pose:

  • Bride standing straight and facing towards or off-camera with the bouquet right in front of her navel.

  • This the most simple and natural pose for brides.

  • You can elevate this pose by looking down at your bouquet or off-camera rather than at the camera.

Bridal Pose 2 – Look back at it

In this pose:

  • Bride is standing straight, back facing the camera.

  • In this pose we have the ability to capture the details of your dress’s beading, buttons, laces, etc. This pose works for all dress types (ball gown, mermaid, drop waist etc).

  • Hands are holding your bouquet in front of your navel or comfortably resting in front of you. To elevate the pose you can look over your shoulder but not at the camera, but rather your shoulder.

Bridal Pose 3 – Adjustments

In This Pose:

  • Brides are alone, with one other person or a small group (bridesmaids/friends).

  • In this set of poses you will be readjusting and reenacting certain moments of your preparation. You and your hairdresser can be spraying hairspray. Or you and your mom can be rebuttoning or rezipping your dress. You can be standing readjusting your earrings or a necklace.

  • For these your creative team will have you reenact these moments to capture the movement so don’t feel shy to act natural and laugh. For these poses it’s best to ignore the camera and be in the moment.

Bridal Pose 4 – The silhouette

In This Pose:

  • Silhouette shots are highly demanded photos and video footage that most brides would love to have in their photo albums and their wedding highlights films.

  • For these shots you can stand back against the camera like in Bridal pose 2 or you can stand strictly profile. Standing against the light allows a big contrast between highlights and shadows, so your silhouette will clearly stand out.

  • This pose is already dramatic but to pump up the drama we highly suggest to steer clear of just looking at the camera and look away at profile.

Bridal Pose 5 – Strut your stuff

In This Pose:

  • These photos and videos can be captured with a little bit of walking.

  • The natural movement of walking allows movement to be captured while still creating a stunning photo/video of your dress train trailing behind you.

Bonus pose – The twirl

In This Pose:

  • Depending on the fit and cut of your wedding dress, this is one of the most fun and easy-breezy poses a bride can do.

  • Add in a big beautiful smile, and this one is made for the ‘gram.

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